Elevator Cable


Flat Traveling Cable


Flat Traveling Cable
Size :0.5mm²~2mm², 20 AWG~14 AWG
Conductor:Soft Bare Copper
Rated Temperature:60℃, 70℃
Rated Voltage:300V, 500V, 600V
Standard:UL, ST CABLE
Application:Flat Elevator Cable is a vital link between the elevator car and controller. In conventional elevators, all signal information is transmitted through the traveling cable.
Flat Traveling Cable


Flat Traveling Cable SPECIFICATION

Elevator Cable Feature-UL & cUL ETT / UL ETP Approval:


- UL & cUL ETT / UL ETP Approval.


- Elevator Cable Application:ETT Steel Center & Jute Center traveling cable for elevator or lifts.


- ETP single and stranded types, adding Shielded Pairs, Coaxial etc for options.


- Elevator Cable with steel wires for high travelling speed.


Elevator Cable Feature-VDE / TUV / CCC Approval:


- VDE / TUV / CCC Approval, standards: EN 50214, IEC 60227-6, GB/T 5023.6


- Elevator Cable Types: H05VVH6-F, TVVB flat traveling cable for elevators or lifts.


- Elevator Cable with steel wires for high trolley travelling speed.


- Shielded Pairs, Coaxial can be added.


Flat Traveling Cable

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  • ST Cable is a trusted supplier to the world’s leading brands such as Hitachi, Otis, Mitsubishi, etc.
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  • Our state-of-the-art product development lab and manufacturing facilities guarantee outstanding production quality and design capabilities.
  • ST Cable is the only manufacturer in Asia with UL-certified Festoon Cable and certifications by UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CNS, CE and CCC.
  • We continue to make significant investments in technology to maintain the highest level of quality and innovate to meet our partners’ needs.

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