Rubber Cable

Rubber Cable Feature:


- JIS / CNS / ICEA Approval, refer UL & IEC 60245,  EN 50525.


- NR / EPR / Neoprene / Hypalon insulations.


- Rubber cable types: H07RN-F.


- Rubber cable suitable for both fixed and flexible applications in temporary as well as direct laying on mechanical components of machines.




Rubber cable features:

Rubber cable is a type of electrical cable that is covered in a rubber or synthetic rubber sheath. The rubber material provides insulation and protection for the electrical conductors inside the cable, making it well suited for use in harsh and dynamic environments. Rubber cable is typically more flexible than other types of electrical cable, making it easier to install and route. Rubber cable is also resistant to water, oils, chemicals, and other substances that could damage other types of cables. 


Rubber cables application:

Rubber cables are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, such as in manufacturing plants, electrical systems, and outdoor or damp locations.



Advantages of Rubber Cable :  
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