Control Cable

Control Cable Feature:


- Control cables are the lifeline of automated systems, instrumentation, and applications of similar nature. 

- CSA / UL / CNS 4898 Approval, Standards: BS 5308.


- Control cable types: UL2464, UL2517, UL2733.


- Control cable for instrument and automation circuit control.


- Multi-conductors and used in automation and instrumentation applications.


- Great for measuring and regulating transmissions of automated processes.


- Very high flexibility and can be continuously flexed in automation processes that require different constructions.











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What is Control Cable?

Control cable is a type of electrical cable used to transmit signals or data between devices in control systems, such as in industrial automation or machine control applications. These cables are typically made from materials that are resistant to interference and are designed to provide reliable and accurate data transmission. Control cables may also be designed to be flexible, durable, and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes, vibration, and exposure to chemicals. 

What is Control Cable used for?

1. Power generation and distribution: Control cables are used in power generation and distribution systems to control the flow of power and to monitor and protect equipment.

2. Transportation systems: Control cables are used in transportation systems such as trains, subways, and airports to control signals, track switches, and other critical systems.

3. Medical equipment: Control cables are used in medical equipment such as MRI machines, CT scanners, and ultrasound equipment to control the movement of components and to transmit signals between components.