Submersible cable

Submersible Cable Feature:


- Refer to UL , Standards: IEC 60227, 60364-5-52, BS7671


- Submersible Cable Types: H07RN-8-F, Round / Flat, PVC / Rubber optionals.


- Submersible Cable Application:Irrigation, Drinking Water-Supply, Industries, Offshore Drilling Rigs,  Sewage Treatment Plants, and Sea Water Handling.


- Submersible Cable used for irrigation pumps. They are waterproof and resistant to seawater corrosion and super compression.








Submersible cable:
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What is Submersible Cable?

A submersible cable is a specialized type of cable designed to operate underwater or in other liquid environments.


Submersible Cable used for:

Submersible cables are used for a variety of applications that require electrical power and signal transmission in submerged or wet environments. 


Disadvantages of Submersible Cables:

- Cost: Submersible cables are typically more expensive than regular cables due to their specialized construction and materials.

- Installation and maintenance: Installing and maintaining submersible cables can be challenging and costly, as it often requires specialized equipment and expertise.

- Environmental impact: The production and disposal of submersible cables can have an environmental impact, as they often contain materials that are not biodegradable and may harm marine life if not disposed of properly.