Elevator Cable

Elevator Cable Feature-UL & cUL ETT / UL ETP Approval:


- UL & cUL ETT / UL ETP Approval.


- Elevator Cable Application:ETT Steel Center & Jute Center traveling cable for elevator or lifts.


- ETP single and stranded types, adding Shielded Pairs, Coaxial etc for options.


- Elevator Cable with steel wires for high travelling speed.


Elevator Cable Feature-VDE / TUV / CCC Approval:


- VDE / TUV / CCC Approval, standards: EN 50214, IEC 60227-6, GB/T 5023.6


- Elevator Cable Types: H05VVH6-F, TVVB flat traveling cable for elevators or lifts.


Elevator Cable with steel wires for high trolley travelling speed.


- Shielded Pairs, Coaxial can be added.






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Elevator Cable Standard:UL, VDE, CE , ST CABLE.

Elevator Cable Requirements: Strength, Flexibility, Minimize vibrations, Low temperature performance.